In May,2002, Mom Large said "Hey, did you know there was a Pledge Group for DeMolay?" Chapter Dad Honaker said "Let's do it." Dad Gilbreath went to his computer and contacted Dad Sanders who founded the Squires in Vancouver, Washington in 1995 and other Manor Advisors in Idaho and Oregon. Advisor Chairman Steve Prue said "OK, go right ahead." The Corpus Christi Chapter agreed to sponsor the Manor. Then the Executive Officer for Texas DeMolay, Dad Clampitte said "Show Me." Mom Large and Dad Gilbreath obtained the requirements from Idaho and Washington Manors and the revised Ritual from Dad Sanders. In June a Fraternal Announcement was made, the Master Councilor, Zane Whitney, KT, appointed Tyler Honaker, KT, as the "Sir Knight" for the Manor. Squires Pins and Merit Patches were obtained. In June the Squires Program was presented to Dad Clampitte. Hank Knepp cut and donated the round table and it was painted, sealed and the DeMolay emblem placed. Manor Seamstress, Marcia Gilbreath made the sashes. In August the first four boys held a practice meeting and in September they passed out fliers at the Shrine Circus. Dad Honaker presented the program to the Executive Officers and was appointed Director of Squires Programs for Texas by Dad Clampitte. The boys held a meeting to elect officers and selected the Manor name "Excalibur". Rituals were printed and on October 2nd and 4th, DeMolays and Squire applicants practiced ceremonies.

October 5, 2002, at 7 pm, in view of over 35 guests, Manor Mom Large and Manor Dad Hernandez were escorted into Oso Naval Lodge. Induction of the Squires was conducted by DeMolays of the Chapter with the Obligations of Squires conducted by the Executive Officer, Dad Clampitte. Installation of Manor Officers was conducted by the Chapter with the reading of Proverbs 23. Squire sashes were presented by Mrs. Gilbreath. Manor Dad Hernandez told the story of King Arthur and his sword and officially declared Excalibur Manor open. The Worshipful Master of Oso Naval Lodge, Russ Sturgis, addressed the gathering and read the Manor Charter. The Charter was then signed on the Round Table by the Sir Knight, all the Squire Officers, Squire Mom and Dad, Director of Squires in Texas and the Executive Officer for DeMolay in Texas. Located on the Round Table during the ceremonies was the DeMolay Bible of Dad John Gilbreath, PMC 1959 and the ceremonial Gavel, symbol of Justice and Leadership, of Walter Adcock, PMC 1966.

For the rest of October we celebrate the official opening of the First Squires of the Round Table in Texas and the Sixth known Manor in the nation. Our deepest appreciation goes to ALL who had the blind faith, unrelenting enthusiasm, and gave the selfless support that makes this Manor possible for the youngest members of our Masonic Future.For information on Squires contact: Tony Honaker, Director for Squires in Texas, 2105 16th street, Corpus Christi, Texas, 78404 or E-Mail thonaker@interconnect.net or visit: www.ccdemolay.org.

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