Squires of the Round Table, Excalibur Manor in Corpus Christi had its induction and Installation of officers on October 5th, 2002.

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The following forms and instructions are available courtesy of Corpus Christi Chapter and Excalibur Manor:


(see also Squires Merit Recognition Program)

Application Requirements
A Squire applicant must be a male ages 10 through 12. He must have his parent’s permission to join. He must be recommended by two Squires or a Squire and a DeMolay, and be invited by the Manor. A $10.00 donation to the Squire’s Manor General Fund is requested upon application.

Membership Status
A boy who has submitted a completed application may attend business meetings and events. Upon Induction into the manor, the member’s name will be added to the membership registration, he will be eligible to vote, and he may be elected or appointed to an office. Membership will be retained until the Squire becomes a DeMolay or turns 13.

Manor Advisory Council
The Manor’s Advisory Council shall consist of one Sir Knight, appointed by the Master Councilor of the sponsoring Chapter with approval of the Advisory Council, and a Mom or Dad Advisor who is a member of the sponsoring Chapter’s Advisory Council to be present at each meeting and event. An additional Advisor will also be present at all times for safety purposes. The Manor’s Advisory Council will report to and work in conjunction with the Chapter’s Advisory Council. Each Adult Advisor involved in the Squires program will adhere to the requirements set forth by DeMolay International and Executive Officer of Texas DeMolay.

DeMolay Chapter’s Advisory Council
The sponsoring DeMolay Chapter’s Advisory Council shall act solely in a monitoring and general support capacity regarding the Manors affairs, reporting directly to the Executive Officer or his designated representative.

Dress Code
White shirt, tie, and slacks for business meetings. Casual dress is DeMolay or Squires shirt, or plain shirt, jeans or jeans shorts. Formal Dress is suit & tie. Sashes with merit recognition may be worn with business and formal attire.

DeMolays, Adult Advisors, Parents, Master Masons and Chapter Sweethearts may attend Manor meetings and activities. Each Officer, member, and guest in attendance at a Squire business meeting will sign a register book. When DeMolay are in the building, 9 O’clock Interpolation will be observed.

All Squire activities shall be approved by their Manor’s Advisory Council prior to implementation. The Squires Manor may, at the invitation of a DeMolay Chapter and with approval of the Advisory Council, participate in Chapter activities.

Written parental permission must be granted before a Squire is allowed to travel with an Advisor.

The Manor will provide for itself by fundraising or soliciting donations as the Manor sees fit and with the approval of the Advisory Council. Fund transactions will be recorded by the treasurer, supervised and performed by the Manor Dad or Mom, and audited by the Chapter’s Advisory Council Treasurer. Financial reports will be given to the Manor at each business meeting. Expenditure of these funds shall be by vote of the Manor’s membership with the approval of the Advisory Council.

Merit and Recognition
An awards program will be established by the Manor and recorded and carried out by the Master Squire, Sir Knight, and Mom or Dad Advisor.

The manor will be governed by these Requirements and the By-Laws of their sponsoring Chapter, Texas DeMolay, and DeMolay International Supreme Council.

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